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Daniel’s First Triathlon!

This morning my 3 year old son joined a club that my husband and I are in: the triathlete club!

Our community YMCA holds an event every year called the Tyke Triathlon where kids ages 3-6 get to participate in a race that’s “just their size.”

Daniel, my 3 year old, kicked his way across one width of the pool, did the quick change into pants and sneakers to hop on his Lightning McQueen bike (training wheels and Chuggington helmet included of course) to do 3 laps around the parking lot, and then parked his bike to run one big lap around the field. While it might not seem like much, his little legs did not stop moving the entire time! I’m so proud of my little guy and he was definitely proud of himself. It was a great event and I cannot wait to do it again next year with him 🙂


What do your kids do to stay active? It’s so important to teach them these habits at a young age (and no I’m not a crazy competitive mom, I just like when he’s doing SOMETHING) so that they stick with them as they grow up!

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