21 Day Fix – week 1 success!


Well week one of the 21 Day Fix is complete (I’m now into day 1 of week 2) and it was definitely a success! Down 4.8 pounds in one week! I have to admit, I was super skeptical about starting this program. Telling myself that I didn’t need help with my eating and didn’t think the workouts would compare to the T25 workouts I had just finished.

Boy, was I wrong. My eating before this was horrible and had I not started this program, I probably wouldn’t have realized it. I thought I was eating enough fruits and veggies but that certainly was not the case. Doing this program I am searching for ways to add them to meals since you eat SO many throughout the day.  I’m never starving (yes, I get hungry during the day but it’s usually when it’s time for my next meal anyway) and my whole body just feels BETTER!  And the workouts…. well, let’s just say you SWEAT LIKE CRAZY! I was so wrong for thinking that I was going to go backwards in my workouts. They are just as challenging and work you from beginning to end!21 day fix yoga

Bottom line: if you’re skeptical of this program like I was – stop. Just do it. You’ll see how much you really have to change and by the end of the 21 days, you’ll have an entirely new style of eating that you’ll take with you from then on. And you’ll be thanking Autumn Calabrese for saving you from yourself – and artificial junk that’s advertised as “healthy.”

Fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch with you to get started!

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