Dare 2 Dream OPEN HOUSE Time!

As an Independent Beachbody Coach, I am not really independent at all. Luckily, when I signed up as a coach I got placed onto a team of coaches, and we call ourselves Dare 2 Dream. Not sure how I got so lucky to be part of the most positive, supportive, and uplifting group of people EVER, but I am certainly thankful for that.

Every month we have a virtual Facebook Open House. For 3 days, we are allowed to invite guests into our group to take a sneak peek into what we do as coaches on a daily basis. It’s a great opportunity to ask ALL of the questions you want and get answers from not just me, but all of the coaches on the team. We all have very different experiences, and I’m sure you can relate to one of the coaches in there. There’s no commitment to joining the open house and by the end you’ll either stay or leave (but you’ll probably want to stay ;))

I am SO grateful for my coach who signed me up, our team, and Beachbody in general. This company is filled with coaches who all have one goal – to HELP other people. The upside? You get paid to do it. Below is a picture of my earnings from the month of March alone. I know, I know, I’m not in the Beachbody “big leagues” yet, but hey, I am certainly okay with an extra $1300 a month that’s for sure!


If you are someone who likes to help others, has a passion for health and fitness, are just starting out your journey and want others to join you, this IS for you! If you are someone who wants to get a discount on health and fitness products, who wants to earn some extra money from home, who wants to create an income from home, or REPLACE and SURPASS an existing income from home, this IS for you!

I have two little boys who get to have their mom home with them almost every single day because of this “little thing” I signed up for almost 2 years ago. Well I can tell you right now, this is not a little thing. This is a BIG thing and it’s only going to get bigger! Become a part of it now and I promise you won’t regret it!

Email me at or find me on Facebook here to get added to the open house on April 9th thru 11th. Spots are limited so don’t wait!

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