Motives by Loren Ridinger: let’s give it a try

So my husband was introduced to a new business opportunity recently and has decided to give it a try. He is a CPA right now working at a large public accounting firm in the city and will continue his full-time job, but will now be a America consultant. The website is – check it out! Obviously this is very new, and will definitely take some time to build, but we believe it has potential.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about it is because Market America, who powers, has a makeup line called Motives by Loren Ridinger, and Motives for La La. Since he will eventually be selling these products to people, I told him I wanted to try some of them out – because CLEARLY he will not be :).

If anyone else watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians weekly like I do (yes, guilty!), you may recognize Loren Ridinger. She is friends with Kim Kardashian and has been on the show a few times in the past. Loren Ridinger (along with her husband) is the original creator of Market America and This picture is from the 2010 Market America International Convention.

kim kardashian loren ridinger

I have read really good reviews regarding the makeup from various sites, so I think it is worth trying. I am by NO MEANS an expert in this area, but I am also not clueless and can tell if something works on my face or not (which I think is relatable to most readers). I was going through the products deciding what exactly I wanted to try out and had a hard time picking since everything seemed pretty nice. There was a brush set which was a great deal, but I already have almost every brush in the set so that was out. There were some nice eye shadow colors but I really like my Urban Decay palettes and I think I will continue to stay loyal to them (except I will order them through the site from now on to get cash back!). So after a few days of contemplating, here is what I decided to go with:

Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray

This 10 years younger spray has awesome reviews so I’m excited to try it. Apparently it makes your makeup look freshly applied all day long.

Motives Pressed Bronzer Motives Pressed Bronzer in Miami Glow

I think having a good bronzer is great when you don’t have a lot of time – throw some on your cheeks, a little eyeshadow (maybe), and some mascara and you’re good to go

Motives Vitamin E Lip Treatment Motives Vitamin E Lip Treatment

Where I work it is very dry and my lips get really chapped – this lip treatment is supposed to do wonders I just hope they’re right!

He also gets a packet of products for becoming a consultant and in the packet there are bottles of shampoo and conditioner called Fixx Argan Oil – so I get to test out these products too! I’m liking this business so far 😉
Fixx 153 Argan Oil Shampoo

When the products come in I will post my reviews and maybe some pictures. In the meantime, if you want to check out the products yourself visit – you can find everything you need right on this website!

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