Sciatica pain – how to relieve it temporarily

The shooting pain and numbness that comes from sciatica is literally a pain in the a**.  And let’s face it, mine will most likely not go away until this baby is born. Working as a nurse doesn’t quite allow me much time to sit down, and I often find my leg giving out due to the pain and tingling. Much credit to those pregnant nurses who work full-time, not sure how you do it! So for now, I have found some ways to temporarily give me some relief from what is probably the worst back pain I have ever had. I found an article that listed 8 yoga poses to soothe sciatica pain, but only 3 actually gave me any relief (I also was incapable of doing a few of them due to my belly). The link to the article is here.

Here are the poses that worked for me:

Figure Four Pose: This pose helps to stretch tight muscles in that area which is a common cause of sciatic pain.

Pigeon: While in this pose, breathe into any areas of tightness for at least 5 breaths, sinking deeper into the stretch with each breath.

Seated Spinal Twist: Moving your spine by twisting it side to side (gently if you’re pregnant) can relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve.


Obviously a daily massage would be the best way to relieve the pain caused by sciatica but that is definitely unrealistic so I had to look elsewhere :). So between these poses, a foam roller, a tennis ball, and the occasional massage (thanks to gift cards from friends) I am starting to get this issue under control. If anyone has anything else that worked for them, PLEASE leave me a comment!

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